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Three Things To Keep In Mind When You Write For The Internet

Content writing for the internet has very different demands as opposed to writing for a newspaper or even in writing a book. If you might be thinking as to why this is so, you have to remember that it is the audience that counts for a lot when writing such articles.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to writing for the web is the attention span of the individual who is reading what you have written. If you are a seasoned writer you will already know that this is significantly lesser as opposed to reading a book or a newspaper.

So here are three things to keep in mind when writing for the internet:

#1: Put the most important information upfront

Since readers over the internet have short attention spans, they almost always quickly scan what you write, so it is a good idea to write the most important right at the beginning of your article or write-up. A writing technique that is commonly used for press releases (known as the ‘inverted pyramid’) best exemplifies this style of writing. In putting up the most important information at the top, you will ensure that the reader will get the information that he or she is looking for as soon as possible and in this way you will help him or her to grasp the topic of writing faster.

#2: Keep the word limit to 700 words

Just like everyone dislikes a person who talks but never listens, writing an article that touches a 1000 words for the internet is a no-no because people generally won’t spend that much time reading your work as opposed to people who buy bi-weekly magazines. Of course, if your article is interesting enough and engages readers then this rule might not necessarily apply.

#3: Write crisply leaving out unnecessary words or sentences

Another irritating habit that can cause readers to stop reading your articles is by using words that are tough to understand, long sentences and so on and so forth. Remember you are writing for the common man so you have to remember to keep it short and simple.