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How to Find The Ideal Web Hosting site

Where does one go when it comes to finding information about the best web hosting sites that are available over the internet?
Of course, the obvious conclusion is that you want to build a free website, and since there are so many options that one might have in terms Web hosting sites, it is sometimes very hard to determine which one’s services are the most beneficial and suited to your needs.
According to experts, one of the best ways to determine this is to find free Web Hosting sites that are easy to use along with the best known features for people who wish to build their first website.
And since some websites offer domains at a certain cost while others don’t, it is always advisable that first time users should always go with the latter, before they iron out all the problems with their website before moving on to a website (with a specific domain name) that is paid for.
Here is another set of factors that can help you determine whether the website hosting solution that you are opting for is the best or not:
1. Allows you to host your own Ads
2. Avoid free trial offers because half your site will be lost since the great features offered at the beginning will not be available anymore.
3. Things can go wrong, so they have to have a reachable customer support, if any at all.
4. Possesses a user-friendly HTML editor which will allow one to create pages easily.