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Why am I getting impressions but no clicks?

Just because you’re getting impressions does not mean you will get clicks. It’s not like where if you get 100 impressions you will get 1 click. Impressions are not the same as hits,uniques or any other term used for recording traffic data. Impressions are how many times an add is viewed. So if you’ve got 3 Adsense Ads, all visible on the same page. When someone goes to your site that should = 3 impressions. There are various ways to increase your Click Through Rate. (CTR) Your CTR rate is what percent of your users click on the ads against how many impressions. So if you’ve had 100 impressions and 1 click, that’s = to a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1%.

Most peoples Click Thought Rate has a range of 1-3%. But there’s no guarantee for any ratio.