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Why you should post comments on other blogs

Why should you post comments on related Blogs? There’s some highly logical reasons for why it makes sense.

1. It gets your site known. If you’re posting comments on 5 related Blogs to your Blog, their will be times when people keep seeing your comments and your name+url.

2. It’s encouraging for the Blogger. Trust me, there can’t be much more encouraging then logging into your Blog and moderating 1000 comments. (or using a tool that will aprove the comments instantly)

3. Indexation. If the Blog you’re posting a comment on has high Pagerank, it will index the name of the link and the url.

4. Backlink. Depending on the Blog, and if it uses nofollow. You might be able to get some nice backlinks. Tip, it’s best to go back to posts 3 months+ that have Pagerank.

5. Traffic. If you’re commenting on 10 high traffic Blogs and you’re posting good info, people will click on your link. Tip, being the first person to comment is a huge advantage.