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4 Tips To Succeed With Your Email Advertising Campaigns

Email is one of the most personal advertising medium in history. That’s what Seth Godin thinks. No one disagrees considering that his book Permission Marketing changed the way people viewed email marketing and the CAN-SPAM Act.

And its common knowledge what spam can do to customer loyalty, and so here are 4 tips that can be considered ‘best practices’ when it comes to email advertising:

#1: Obtain Permission

Getting permission is probably not so difficult – if you offer valuable information or a discount on your product this usually works. However, not obtaining their permission can lead to the loss of customer goodwill and even penalties, thanks to the CAN-SPAM act.

#2: Build an organic and targeted email list

Since permission is the all-important factor, the best way to build a list where your emails won’t be considered as spam would be to ask your friends and customers to ask their friends to sign up. People who are interested sign up and within no time; you’ll have an email list of customers that are looking forward to do business with you.

#3: Story-telling is your best strategy

One aspect of good writing it to maintain the reader’s interest and when you tell a good story but only in short installments, you keep their interest by that “To be Continued” style. The same reason why people can’t wait for the next episode when watching their favorite soaps!

#4: Take time to build customer relationships

Just as it takes time to build a community for your blog or social media campaign, it’s no different with email marketing. Staying in touch with your customers is probably the smartest thing to do without which they are certain to do business with someone else.