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April 16, 2014

3 Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

It goes without saying that getting more readers to your blog has important benefits. If you really want to generate more leads, and in turn, more profits, ensuring that your blog is seen by as many people as possible is imperative.


Doing this isn’t difficult, and so, here are 3 ways by which you can attract more people to your blog:


#1: Optimize your content using SEO

A large part of getting new visitors to your website involves making sure they can find you easily. This happens when you optimize for SEO as they look for pertinent information on a search engine of their choice.


For example, if we take the site, Social Media Examiner, if the site comes up (and it does!) when one searches using the keyword ‘social media blogs’.


#2: Post content to social media

Another way that works just as well when it comes to getting more people to read your blog is to post it on all available social networks. You can expect a few shares of your content with a number of people that belong to their own personal networks. Without a doubt, blogs can go viral if the content is good, and which is why it is a good way to get more readers.


#3: Make it easy to share your content

If you make your content easy to share, the odds are that people will definitely do it for you. A couple of ways to do this is by sending pre-written emails to readers or even by means of social sharing buttons.

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March 16, 2014

3 Steps to Generate Leads on Reddit

It isn’t easy for brands to navigate Reddit as they do Pinterest, Facebook or even Twitter. If there’s one thing you cannot do, it is add content blindly on the site and not expect to be banned.

For this to work, one must understand Subreddits, which are niche communities that people are passionate about.

That said, here are 3 steps to generate leads on Reddit:

#1: Find Pertinent Subreddits to join

The first thing that you will have to do is to open a pertinent Reddit account where it will be important to use your brand name as your username too. Now look for Subreddits which pertain to your brand, product or even service.

Click on each Subreddit to understand which one will suit your product’s content best. Once you find a Subreddit, sort its posts by Top and All Time so you can read through its most active posts.

#2: Create a Multireddit

Now there will be a number of Sebreddits that you might have to monitor and for this, make sure you create a multireddit. A multireddit is a custom list of subreddits or subjects that you want access to. For this, click on the sidebar and hit ‘click’. After this, enter a name for your multireddit and hit the ‘Create’ button again. Set the privacy level of your multireddit and add the subreddits in question.

#3: Identify engagement opportunities

Now all you have to do is use your multireddit to join a number of conversation and that pertain to a particular keyword that can be used to carry out a search. If you do this for even 5-10 minutes everyday, you’ll find a number of opportunities for marketing and discussion. However, make sure you use Reddit as a Redditer and not as marketers.

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February 16, 2014

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Content Curation Process

One of the best ways to offer value to your clients, followers and readers is to curate content by sharing relevant articles from a number of sources.

This is for the reason that modern marketing involves helping your client make informed decisions instead of blindly promoting what you offer.

So, finding content that your clients will benefit from, is the best way to not only be recognized as an expert in your field but also offer answers and solutions that will get them to buy your product or service.

That said, here are 3 ways to speed up your content curation process:

#1: Using the Feedly to search articles

Feedly is one of the best tools to find articles that belong to your niche. The best part about Feedly is the fact that it can be used for the aforementioned task but also organize them into categories. All you need to do is set up an account using your Gmail address. Based on your search, the site will return a number of blogs or websites that will give you the articles you’re looking for.

#2: Use the IFTTT method to collect articles

If you want to save a number of hours, then the If This Then That (IFTTT) tool will help you do so. Since this process helps you automate a number of tasks, all you have to do is create a recipe after opening an IFTTT account. All the articles that you want will be populated in a Google spreadsheet.

#3: Choose and curate content

Once you find the articles from the spreadsheet, you can go through them after which you can decide which ones are suitable for sharing. What you can do is write a status update as to when you will post these articles on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. As for Facebook, you can use the Scheduling tool so as to post them regularly.

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January 16, 2014

4 Social Media Predictions for 2014

2013 was no stranger to changes. Not only was visual marketing a big part of the change that took place in social media but also monetization.

Now we are in 2014, and there are another sweeping set of changes that are bound to occur.

Here are 3 social media predictions for 2014:

#1: Pay to play

Facebook has recently changed its News Feed strategy in order to switch from organic reach to paid search. Google+, in turn, has introduced ads while Twitter is now a public company that will have to find a way to drive revenues. So, it’s clear that a number of companies will feel the pressure to pay in order to get more visibility for their content.

#2: Strategic Refocus caused by Facebook

With the way Facebook has changed the algorithm to suit paid search, small businesses as well as not-for-profit will have to incorporate other ways so as to market their content. This include opening a blog, using email marketing while creating content that is useful.

#3: Developing A/B Testing Tools by Social Networks

The launch of A/B testing tools for social networks which will be not only for big brands but also small ones will ensure the distribution of quality content across these social networks. for the ones that do manage to successfully manage these tools, an increase in a number of statistics such as impressions, website visits and engagement will leads to more conversions and sales.

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January 13, 2014

Measuring success in SEO in 2014

Google has definitely made it much harder to rank naturally via SEO. Not only their algorithms have become much better at detecting unnatural links and SEO tactics, but also the layout of their search results have changed so that there are more components resulting in natural results to go lower. For example, if you type general business category and a city name, you would most likely see a mix of 7 results from Google Local. You may also see other components such as shopping feeds and news that further push down the natural results.

The success for an SEO campaign should not be measured by having #1’s but should be measured on overall visibility and traffic to the website. SEO should be done not only for the website, but also for your social media sites and youtube videos.  The more content you can get in the search engines the better your results will be. Sometimes youtube videos or social media content may rank highly for your keywords, which may result in traffic to your site.

The goal should be to get traffic to your site anyway you can via any channel, not just SEO. Google is not looking at social activity as a factor, so not only social activity may result in traffic by itself, but also it may result in better natural rankings.

If you are a local business, you have to also optimize your Google Local profile and get as many reviews as possible. Local SEO has its own techniques, so make sure to higher someone that knows how to do this or do further research if you are going to do it yourself.

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December 16, 2013

3 Steps to Building a Social Media Strategy From Your Competitors

If you aren’t able to create a social media strategy for your business, thanks to the lack of data or for any other reason, all you have to do is spy on your competitors.

In all probability, they have already done most of the hard work, and all you need to do is do some research on their social media plan in order to come up with yours.

So, here are 3 ways by which you create a social media strategy of your own:

#1: Compare audience size

First, find out which social networks your competitors are on and one can easily do this by checking the links to social media profiles at their website.

#2: Measure engagement

Of course, it’s not about the number of fans or followers your competitors have but how they engage with these people. There are a number of reports that help you to do so namely such as Simply Measured, Facebook Competitive Analysis Report, Twitter Customer Service Analysis Report, Google+ Page Report and Instagram User Report.

You can get an in-depth analysis of the engagement they enjoy in the form of graphs and numbers and so on and so forth.

#3: Check profile setups

The final step to analyzing the competition is by looking at how they’ve set their profile up while also looking at how they make up of components such as cover photos, descriptions, Links as well as the posts they make and the responses they get.

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November 16, 2013

3 Trends of a Successful Content Marketer

So, what makes a content marketer successful?

It’s a question that can be answered in a number of ways, from situation to situation. However, there are certain trends that most more-than-successful content marketers practice, and so here are 3 of them:

#1: Place someone in charge of marketing content

It’s a known fact that 73 percent of B2B companies have someone in charge of their content marketing strategy. Out of this, almost 86% of the most effective content marketers have had someone responsible for marketing content.

In fact, experts believe that the reason why content marketing fails is because there isn’t a person who owns the responsibility of ensuring that your content marketing goals are not met. It usually does not have anything to do with not having any interesting content as an organization in the first place.

#2: Have a Clear Content Strategy

It’s a given that most effective content marketers have a clear content strategy. What this should tell you is that you cannot be successful unless you have a clear content marketing strategy. For this, you have to write down your goals (in other words, document them!) and make sure that every person involved with content marketing understands the documentation.

#3: Use a number of Tactics

It’s a known fact that the most effective marketers use at least 15 tactics while the effective ones only use 10. Since it is all about maintaining interest and engagement, creating content that really works towards this goal is important.

And in order to do this successfully, you have to use a number of tactics – probably cost-effective ones at first, and then others within the constraints of your budget.

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