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March 7, 2008

Save Money to Make Money : Paid Search Auditing & Quality Control

Theres an old adage in business that says, You have to spend money to make money. As anyone who has experienced the power of effective advertising will confirm, the adage rings true time and time again. You have to tell the public what you offer before they know that youre the one to buy it from. That part is easy and obvious.

There is, however, a second statement that should bookend the first which goes, Most businesses make money by saving money. Though the second statement might appear to contradict the first, it actually complements it. Think about your businesses margins before over-thinking the second statement. In an environment where many businesses measure their profit margins in single digits, every penny saved is truly a penny earned. The trick is, knowing where to spend and where to save.
Everybody needs to advertise. Yesterday, a few friends and I tried an exercise where we attempted to name companies, products or services that did not rely on advertising to spread their message. The only well known name we could all agree on was Google.

We were wrong, by the way. After a millisecond of research I discovered that even Google advertises its services.

I include the story because I found Google’s primary means of advertising its own products and services interesting. Google primarily uses AdWords. Chances are; you do too.

AdWords advertising works. It, along with its AdSense distribution system, has been called the most innovative wealth redistribution system the Internet has ever spawned. It is certainly the most successful, accounting for over 95% of Googles annual revenues.

Like all systems, AdWords is not perfect although it is very, very good. A lot of very wise money is spent advertising there, most of which nets an adequate return on investment for advertisers. Thats why the system works so well and is universally popular virtually everywhere on Earth. The system makes mistakes though and those mistakes are costing advertisers monies that would otherwise be added to their bottom line.

If only there was an independent third party that could monitor the ad-spend, find those mistakes and help get misspent monies refunded. Actually, there is one.

Enquisite Search Metrics has devised PPC Assurance. a PPC quality control monitoring and analytics system that spots mistakes made in Pay Per Click billings from Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. PPC Assurance boasts a 5 10% catch-rate for campaigns that make good use of the advertising systems features. PPC Assurance automatically records those mistakes and submits a refund request to Google or Yahoo using the exact details the networks demand.

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